At the point when You Don’t Have Time To Socialize …

I don’t have time to socialize and that makes me feel empty what should I do, that is the price of success that you have to pay if you need that emotional support that validation chances are you won’t make it because it is very lonely when you’re pursuing a path when you are building a business when you’re doing something a little bit different when you’re going a different path compared to most people in the first five years of my career when I was building in my 20s for his first five years, I didn’t take a single day off I was working every single day first five years not a single day off and I didn’t socialize at all.

    I was just working and putting my heads down and just work my face off right, I paid the price when all my  friends were socializing doing all the things, but I didn’t have time for that even now I don’t hang out I don’t hang right I don’t kill. That’s not what I do that’s what most people do doesn’t mean you have to be a workaholic but it does mean in the beginning you have to make choices because in life every single thing that you choose there are consequences it’s give and take you give up.

   Something to get something you cannot say all I want her to have balance but forget that shit right I want it I want to be able to socialize with my friends and hang on chill and still be very successful doesn’t work that way there’s a reason why people are successful and why they need to make those sacrifices if you’re not willing then don’t bother and if you need that emotional support where you if you’re a little bit empty that emotional baseline the other people to support me I forget it don’t expect other people’s support it is lonely and this is why most someone to preneur they’re depressed they can’t take the heat and they can’t deal with the pressure and they cannot deal with the loneliness it is lonely at the top I can tell you that it is lonely at a time it gets lonely er when you are after the spear so the more successful.

   You become because first of all you have time and second you don’t really want to have a very shallow surface-level conversation with people, because you feel like other people just dumb right you feel that is a waste of time you feel like you have nothing in common when you’re focusing on solving bigger problems they’re focusing on what game it’s playing on TV for an on Saturday night you know what I mean it’s a different level of conversation no right or wrong it’s just a different point right just the way that it is so if you have what it takes you need to learn to be alone without being lonely.

   You need to learn how to find some new friends so when you socialize with people you’re actually growing that you’re not just wasting your time I think that’s a shift a lot of people have to make and it’s one of the most difficult things that people have to do when they have to get rid of some of the old friends that they have some of the negative energy drainers and negativity you know just negative people around a lot and in their lives, that’s not easy does not easy so no emotional baseline show me your friends and I’ll show you your future that’s just effect until next time I’ll see my family.

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