How To Hit Your Biggest Goals In The End Of 2020?

  By definition, if you have a goal, a definition if you know you’ve set a goal and you’re very clear you know exactly how to accomplish it your goal is too small. your goal is too small, if you know what here’s my goal and I see a very clear path getting there, your goal is to fucking smoke.

  You should have a such a big goal, you know what man no ideas no context but that’s what I want so bad I’m gonna make it happen, I don’t only care I don’t care if it takes six months I think if it takes a year I don’t think it takes ten years.

  So when it comes to goal-setting you have to be very specific so making money that’s a wish that’s a dream, a goal is I want to make a hundred thousand dollars in income by the end of the year or in the next twelve months right that’s a goal, it has to be very specific and very precise, what do I need to do what do I need to focus on what skills do I need to upgrade because usually if when you have a goal that you need to learn and upgrade your skills or upgrade your mental capacity because chances are whatever that you’re capable of right now your skill your mentality gives you this kind of result but if you want to get to that next step the next level chances are you’re gonna have to to be better to learn more to become more you don’t need to wait till the end of the year.

  You know how people in general if you always have that new year resolution right I want to lose weight I want to be more successful I want to do this, I want to write that book I want to do whatever and then they have this new year resolution and then fed by February they’re losing momentum by March they’re like oh my god is not happening then they’d wait till December like Christmas time year-end it’s oh my god I’m a loser I didn’t accomplish my goal.

   I didn’t set out what I was gonna do you don’t need to do that with this mentality every single day you ask yourself what am I doing today to move they’ve been closer to that goal so reverse-engineered let’s say you have a goal instead of just keeping that to yourself and say I’m gonna work on there and when I get there then I’m gonna tell other people about it no do the opposite do what I do count the whole we’re about it declare to the whole world this is who I am this is what I’m gonna do this is who I want to be these are my goals and you tell the whole freak in the word about it the world will hold you accountable just like my youtube channel I declared in the beginning.

  I’m gonna hit a hundred thousand subscribers with it there at the clear the world we’re gonna hit a million subscribers by the end of 2018 with it done now we’ve declared the word we’re gonna hit ten million subs guess what we’re gonna do that I don’t hide to myself and say oh I’m just keeping it to myself these are this is my goal no I’m gonna tell the world we’re gonna do it we’re gonna do an eye we’re gonna do it together so it’s not just let me get busy let me do more shit.

   I get frustrated you think I’ll leave it deeper look within yourself he do I have unrealistic expectations you want to adjust the look within maybe I need to work on the skill sets I need to get some training I need to get some consulting I need to take some courses work on that’s how you don’t get frustrated that’s how you make shit happen you don’t make shit happen just working working working and busy no it makes it happen by actually adjusting this and upgrading your mental game you.

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