How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You

I have a question for you, how does one as a person develop that ability to not be touchy-feely in social situations, your pleaser you want to be liked you want everybody, to like you want to get everybody’s approval to forget it, man, forget that shit, I don’t know that surefire way to success, but I sure know that surefire way to failure and that’s trying to please everybody, it is just sure-fire way to failure one of the things out learning, life is this you could care about other people without carrying what they think.

   You could care about the people without caring what you think, how they see you? how they perceive you? how they view you? it’s got nothing to do with you it’s none of your business, it has to do more with them than to do with you just like on social media, I see comments how people see me, how people view me it’s none of my business, I cannot control that it has nothing, to do with me because as a human being, we all walk around with a filter anyway you see what you want to see you don’t actually see the reality none of us see the reality, we just see what we want to see whatever that people think of you and how they think of you that’s their filters that are doing the thinking anyway so exactly the same thing exactly the same thing, I say right for one person you could say well that is the most profound thing, I’ve ever heard one to another person oh, I totally disagree with them not nothing to do with what I said it has to do with their upbringing their background their beliefs right so it’s no point trying to argue with them and it’s stupid to think that you could change them it’s a fucking waste of time.

    when you’ll know that what is there to be touchy-feely about there’s nothing to change, It is waste of time to try to change people don’t bother right mind your own business however, you could care about people without caring what they think you know what you felt you know your values right, you know what you stand for how they say how they feel how they view but none of that matters when you understand that any social setting.

    You will be calm you’ll be cool and you don’t give a shit it’s okay and none of that matters that much anyway right if you live life according to people expect a Shion’s of you I mean that’s a sad way to live life is too short that’s what I believe you know what to do by the way comment below if you’ve added questions for me right it doesn’t have to be business I love getting questions that are more about what you’re going through in life this is not just always about money and business I mean if I could help you with some of these questions I’ll be more than happy to do that such as like question like these okay so comment below next time I’ll pick some of the best questions answer.

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