Choose Falling over Failure

First of all, I don’t like the term failure I like the term falling I think you need those as we fail fast well the problem with the word fail is it’s like the word cancer right if you have a stage for lung cancer or stage 4 liver cancer and you have a mild melanoma with a 99.99 percent chance of you’ll be fine both of those things are called cancer and the problem is they’re not the same thing and failure is the same which is failure could be absolutely catastrophic or it could be a minor hiccup but the problem is we call it failure so I think we need to use different terms right failure.

    I believe is something we want to avoid but falling is something that happens naturally and we want to fall and get get up more often that’s what I think is full full fast and get yourself back up as opposed to lying on the ground and complaining right so I want to embrace falling because that’s that’s taking risks that’s trying you only fall when you push the boundaries right the the the the the language matters because it changes our mindset especially because it’s too broad a definition for failure so one of the ways we embrace falling is by when somebody does fall we don’t say what have you done we go okay try again as leaders right or how can I help you fix it and we just a little more relaxed about it and and we don’t swoop in and do it for them right but rather.

    we go so in other words we encouraging risk-taking we’re encouraging people to try recognizing that they won’t lose their jobs that that especially if you’re more junior you really couldn’t do anything that brings down the firm anyway and we have to give people the opportunity to fall and let them either learn to fix their own problems or guide them so that so that they can every single one of us has screwed up a bazillion times and the only reason we are where we are today is because somebody said all right  you’re an idiot but try again you know like that’s where I know who did it for me

    Peter and tamashii oh my old bust years and years and years ago the guy would never answer any of my questions Peter what should I do what do you think we should do my god if I knew I wouldn’t be asking well what do you think I think we should do this then do that the guy never had to the question and if I screw up he goes poof whoa what are you gonna do you know but I never felt fear that I would get fired ever I never felt afraid that my job was on the line when I screwed up we have to do that for people.

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