What to Do When You Want to Give Up

When I was writing leaders eat last I got to the point where I couldn’t do it was too difficult I couldn’t organize all the information, it was just too complicated I couldn’t do it and I’d been trying for months; I probably missed multiple deadlines and I was sitting at my computer and I decided that I had to give up.

     I couldn’t do it and so I got up and went for a walk and I was literally planning my exit, I was going through the steps was going through the checklist of quitting, I knew that, I have to give my advance back to the publisher because technically I’m in breach I knew that I would be humiliated but, I was preparing myself for it that I would get over it, I was also rationalizing that it was okay to quit I told myself there were thousands 10,000 books published every single year, no one will miss this one book and I literally went through, the steps to prepare myself for what I had to do to quit.

     I’m not sure why I did this but I called a companion, of mine who at the time was in the Air Force Special Forces and I don’t even think, I said hello when he picked up the phone, I simply asked the question, what do you do when you can’t complete the mission and as is his habit, he just started telling me a story he was a helicopter pilot and they, had a mission in Afghanistan that was a suicid mission all the intelligence showed that the air defenses were, just too great and none of them were gonna come out, alive and it wasn’t gonna be one of those kills Hitler missions where we’re all gonna die but we’ll kill Hitler this is like we’re all gonna, die and the mission will also fail and he was preparing, his helicopter for this mission and hi wingman turned him and said what, do we do we’ve got wives we’ve got kids do we refuse to go what do we do and my friend turned him.

    I said this is what we signed, up for we go he asked me he said is this book more or less powerful than start with why I said the research, has impacted me greater it’s more powerful he says all right I’m gonna tell you a funny story before I met you I had become disillusioned with, the Air Force and I was gonna quit and I found this kooky little book called start with Y and it completely rien spired me.

    I decided to stay and I’m a better leader now than, I then I was before because of that book and if you’re saying that, this book is more powerful than the first one then we need this book, he said this is what you signed up for, you have no choice clearly his mission was scrapped at the last minute the underlying message of this is what you signed up for, you have no choice wasn’t a mean message the underlying message was and, I will be here with you, the underlying message was no matter what you can call me at any time, I’ve got your back and that’s the important part I turned around went back to my desk and finished writing that book, not that night, I mean it took me months but I never thought of quitting ever again as soon as I knew that someone was there someone had my back.

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