#1 Problem in your Business

    I don’t want to talk to you about execution and management and business planning and culture, I want to talk to you about money because the money we believe is the number one problem in your business, it’s not mission, it’s not the purpose, it’s not all these beautiful things everybody tells you it’s not planning and organizing, I have seven businesses there are seven little companies there’s been no plan there’s been minimal organizing tremendous speed it’s tremendous speed to market, okay is one of the things that has made us successful but mostly in all the businesses, every business was created around the concept.

    It needs to make money because if it doesn’t make money you’ll call yourself an entrepreneur because you’re not to be able to call yourself business verses and so this industry of entrepreneurs that that is now so popular I never even knew the term until like a year and a half ago okay before that.

     I was in California somebody said I was an entrepreneur fifteen years ago I’m like well that’s code for I don’t have a job okay today look if you want to be an entrepreneur good but really what you want to do is evolve to being a business person that makes money and that provides a good living for a lot of other people right so number one problem in your business is employee disengagement it is not actually money is their problem employee disengagement how many of you here own a runner Department let me see if you run or manage more than just yourself let me see him how many of you here run or manage a household ok good well.

     If you can’t manage the household by the way you have disengagement at a household level would you agree husband and wife are disengaged ones doing their own plan this one’s doing their plan 50 percent of those marriages are gonna fail ok that’s what they say they’re going to divorce truth is way more than 50 percent fail people should not be looking at the divorce rate they should be looking at the failure rate?

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