5 Tips To Grow Your Business


    I want to talk to you about five tips that I can give you right now to grow your small business or it’s an entrepreneur starting your business and started on the right foot number one you must make revenue your god right now okay I know that sounds like sacrilegious but the reality is this your business in the future your business whatever you’re selling you’re selling books or training programs or you’re selling a food product or you’re starting our small businesses services clients look revenue is the growth of your company revenue determines the revenue your company determines how successful you’re going to be in the next quarter and then again next year revenue is the god you need to get every department every person either assisting in revenue or the direct contribution of revenue in your company number two thing.

 I want you to do is this I want you to not discount your products anymore I want you to take that out of your formula out of any considerations, oh well let’s lower our price no I want you to get rid of that okay that is taboo for somebody who wants to grow their business free things, okay giving away free things dropping the price of your products you need to just eliminate that concept.

    I want you to say this is the price of our product this is what we’re selling our product for and want you to build the value add proposition until it finally gets that price okay third thing I want you to do is this I want you to fill up your pipeline most people run scared on revenue the first two points revenue and then drop their price only because their pipelines not full enough I want you to load the pipeline up with opportunities when a two o’clock appointment doesn’t show up you’re like all discouraged this is why it’s not because you’re two o’clock appointment didn’t show up it’s because your pipeline wasn’t full of somebody at 2:15 2:30 3 o’clock look load your pipeline up you want new problems, not old problems.

     You know what I mean by that a new problem is this two o’clock canceled oh my gosh that gives me some breathing room 4 to 15 old problem is what two o’clock cancels and you don’t have anything to fill it up with so fill the pipeline up with lots of opportunities number four I want you to dominate your sector I don’t want you to compete in I want you to play in it I don’t want you to spectate in your sector anymore I want you to if you’re cutting hair doing massages selling cupcakes selling automobiles you’re doing social media guru guy okay whatever you’re doing you’re on Twitter Facebook I want you to dominate the sector if you’re going to advertise in New York Times I want you to dominate the New York Times or I don’t want you to go play in the New York Times you get it.

     I want you to dominate the sector if you’re going to work a knock neighborhood I want you to dominate that neighborhood literally cover it up to own that space does not compete in it competition is the worst thing a small business or an entrepreneur can think with and the fifth thing is the fifth thing I want you to do it is I want you to increase the number of personal visits you’re making to your clients and I want you to increase it by 10 times I write about this in the 10x rule increase all activity 10 times what you think is necessary and particularly when it comes to personal visits in the Machine age in the social media age of Facebook Twitter.

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