Best Message to Young Entrepreneurs

A 10-hour day is a short day for me I hear more people promoting this for our idea okay it is complete bunk in this complete you cannot outsource everything this idea that you’re going to be an entrepreneur outsource or work for hours or part-time you guys try to do the part-time thing you will have full-time problems forever to the end of your life not only will you have problems cuz you’re selfish if you’re trying to do a 4-hour workweek you’re selfish you’re thinking only about yourself if you don’t scale and hire people you are also selfish.

    You’re trying to manage money rather than saying hey I have a great message like you you have an obligation man to get out there and help people so I don’t know how to do ten hours I know I need six to seven maybe eight hours of sleep a day you see a lot of people say look man Steve Jobs started his business in a garage the I think Cadillacs got a commercial where the Cadillac was created in a garage Bill Gates started his business in a garage Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in it in a dorm everybody’s like oh my godman.

     I can do this from home none of those companies got big when they stayed in the garage of the dorm Marquis II didn’t make it until he moved to Silicon Valley and built the team, okay Google didn’t become Google until they had a campus in Silicon Valley and they scale to tens of thousands of employees so you have to scale to be great you should not be thinking about what you can live on I made a grand this month man all of its net profit all that money should be reinvested in people so that that’s why people think incorrectly that’s why I always go back to this argument about look the entrepreneurs are selfish almost like a little selfish child I’m gonna go out I left my job.

     I was making 90 grand now I’m gonna work for myself and make 90 nobody’s better off working for you can’t live on any rent anywhere not America there’s nowhere in America you live in 490 grant and in Miami, you’re gonna have 12,000 dollars before taxes left over at the end of the year if you don’t shop at Whole Foods the point of that is if you were working for 90,000 for a company and then you go work for yourself for 90,000.

    You should be taking that money in buying a secretary buying a receptionist buying scale buying a sales team reinvesting the money you should not have any money left over at 90 grand all of it should be going to be poured back into the business to scale-out unless all you’re thinking about is yourself right dude look for an individual to work with do not look at an industry don’t worry about taking a job are good man okay 60% of all billionaires worked for somebody else to get were there they didn’t work for themselves you do not in you don’t have to be the driver find a vehicle or somebody where the owner wants to accelerate has the fuel they want to go someplace they got a vision that’s what you want to do.

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