Do you need spirituality in business

My spirituality is probably you know people don’t hear me talk about this much cuz they think I’m a really material guy but I’m actually the very very perfect person I always have been always been searching I’ve always been interested I’m interested in that see my dreams are mine they’re daring Nate to me they’re not my mom’s they’re not my dad’s they’re not my brothers they’re mine so I believe by pursuing that I am pursuing my discovery of my spiritual potential and so my potential is the thing I am so interested in there’s no money if not a bigger jet it’s not another more property it’s like I want to discover what I’ve been given right my mind what whatever is in unit spirit so whatever.

    God, you believe in is not that that’s not what I’m not all trapped into the description of that Jesus on board completely great work ethic right we’ll understand up willing to throw down in the marketplace but there are some other dudes that have been willing to throw down to write some but a lot of other people on this planet that I don’t want to count out the Muslims and I didn’t have to study that book but dude there’s some people there they’re African that’s what I want the example I don’t need to spend time with a mentor.

    I need to study a handful of people that have proven over time they were in part and that they did something Walt Disney he’s a mentor of mine when a guy almost went bankrupt three times that is the spiritual adventure like like how do you do that how do you ever drink Howard Schultz with Starbucks.

    I don’t like his political viewpoints but I do like the packet nope everybody told him Starbucks is a bad idea he’s like yeah okay well whatever it’s a terrible idea Steve Jobs total maniac like neurotic I wouldn’t do any of that stuff but I did I do like the guy’s ferocious commitment so if I can take Rob those pieces from different people right and say hey man I want to be more like that guy or that gal right you know so so you know what I’m saying like like that that that’s my deal like how can I mix it up with Jared how can I’m interested in leaving something that lasts longer than I do which to me is a very spiritual thing you know it’s not the last longer than your body at its spirit you.

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