The Problem with Small Business

This was the problem with my business okay, I got two great people six average people and two terrible people you hate these two people, he’s like I don’t even know why they’re in payroll trick and you’re like yeah, but you know maybe give them a little longer, they’ve been there 24 months, they’re like another two months, are you gonna make great everybody great they cost you money, right they are the only thing that makes the six acceptable, you’re probably not going to be able to keep minimum and you’re gonna have three employees, one of which you count is yourself and you underpay yourself this is the three employee scenario I work for myself.

   I pay myself nothing, it’s crazy listen to the insanity, I work for myself and pay myself less than if I work for someone else and then, I have two people and I can’t pay them much and I’m worried about either one of those people at any time leaving me so what I’ll do is I’ll sort out that no I’m not going to even have them work for me, what I’m gonna do is contract people and hire people like my businesses and uber business like I have no dependability, I can’t bring Jarrod how many of you knew Jarrod before Jarrod got here look at that man, you can’t contract that out how many of you know this guy, one or two people he lives here Jarrod lives in America, who knows Jarrod exactly okay, because Jarrod works with me.

   I care you know me, and Jarrod are working together every day, I’m showing Jarrod off as my company so hit my brand gets extended – Jarrod you don’t know this guy what’s your name again man Jamie, he’s been with me about 20 minutes I forgot his name already and we’re paying him right now, how long I remember Jamie’s name, will determine how well Jamie does on this planet everybody agree okay, I don’t know  these two people’s names don’t like you and don’t like you looking forward to getting rid of you everybody agree okay how many of you been that person before in a company I was that person I work for companies, the first six jobs I had.

    I was fired from I was a liability to the company then I became the average person again the average person it’s only made only looks good they’re up and down all the time this is their graphs right and then there’s two guys up here they perform they perform like oh my god their performance is based on the other eight I can’t get rid of those two they’ve been around a long time.

    I’m you literally you own the company you’re above this, you own the company and you are dependent upon these two people scared efendim they don’t show up at meetings on time right do what they want to dress how they want to break the policies and procedures nobody wants everybody’s walking around on eggshells around them okay this is called disengagement it’s called disengagement I have disengagement here I have it here can I have it here.

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