The Story Behind the Millionaire

There was the door I was buying just lining up for lunch they grabbed me I’ll drag me all the way to here like just two or three guys big guys drive me all the way here and they beat it out of me right a disc spawn and there happened multiple times I didn’t tell my mom about it by actually I had nightmares I will wake up in the morning sweating this feared as panic.

   Dennis is so unpredictable you don’t know when you go to school when and where you’re gonna get attacked at a time my mom bought me one of this English electronic dictionary they were very expensive it was like few hundred dollar US money that we didn’t have my mom sacrificed so much for me so much as she decided to emigrate to Canada so that I have a better environment to learn my English do you have a better future for myself and in class, because I couldn’t understand what a teacher was saying.

    I would bring this dictionary out and I’ll open it up it’s got a little pen and I would write on it and it will check what did she teachers saying was reading the book I didn’t understand what she was saying and the kids they were just trashing me they were like what is this some fancy computer you Asian kid do you think you bring this stuff electronic sing yourself whoo and then I was like I’m sorry I didn’t first audience and what they’re saying.

    I said I don’t that’s not what I meant just what my mom bought for me and then and then they grab it and they were running around whether I was trying to chase it to get it back because I didn’t want anything to happen to that electronic dictionary damn kid took the dictionary the window was open he threw it out the window and landed on the pavement and broke the damn thing.

    I didn’t let that stop me though I was acting like the dictionary worked but actually had one of those old paper dictionary and I was memorizing five to ten words every day I’m learning because I didn’t want my mom to find out that that the dictionary didn’t work and the best way to hide that incident is actually by improving my English so I had one of those big dictionaries I mean it’s all doggy I mean I flipped through it highlighted write down and memorize each word I will pronunciate pronunciate Pro Nancy I will read through it.

   I will read it a hundred times just to get one word right I think every incident even this you can see I feel it a bit even thinking about a little bit angry at it but its shape Who I am today and it trains me not to make excuse it’s whatever I can use it whatever I can make out of it there’s some good that could come out with them from that kid to who I am today from the kid who couldn’t speak a word of English but didn’t have an electronic dictionary to now writing a dozen books and impacting millions of people but they started here there is no excuse it doesn’t matter where you came from doesn’t matter the rows you’ve been down it doesn’t matter your background it doesn’t matter your race it doesn’t matter you could do it for you.