Inspiration is Different Than Motivation

    why is an origin story it’s why we get out of bed in the morning and it’s why people care it’s this deep-seated purpose cause or belief it’s a spark inside of us and it’s present all the time it’s different from motivation inspiration is different from motivation to be externally driven it can be temporary you could be motivated for fear of punished you know if you’re gonna get punished?

     You can be motivated and if you’re gonna get rewarded you can be motivated but it doesn’t last that the feeling goes away and you have to keep repeating it inspiration as this is this little thing that burns inside of us sometimes brighter sometimes dimmer but it’s always there and it’s where we go to for that internal strength and it’s fueled by our idealism and it’s fueled by the love of our friends and our colleagues and our co-workers and our the family that’s what keeps that spirit alive and I sort of.

     I make a point to distinguish the differing positivity and optimism you know it’s important for us to be optimistic now and to me, positivity isn’t it’s not a positivity is like looking at the world and saying everything’s good but the world is difficult right now you know so but optimism is about being in a dark tunnel and seeing the light and you’re not focused on the tunnel you’re focused on the light optimism is not the denial of the current state it’s the belief that if we keep moving we will hit the light I don’t know how far away that light is I don’t know how long it’s gonna take us to get there but I know a hundred percent that if we keep moving towards it.

     we will hit it and that’s optimism that it amount of optimism allows for darkness to exist optimism allows for reality to be their optimism allows for us to have good days and bad days it allows optimism it allows us to have setbacks if you say be positive that disallows a setback that disallows you to wake up in the morning and feel that you don’t want to do the day you know optimism says so take a break today do it tomorrow you know optimism allows for reality and think that’s really important that it that I’m not sure it’s important for us to be positive right now but it is definitely important to be optimistic.